1st Choice ASK Locations

The A.S.K. Program is honored to announce starting in the Fall of 2019 they will be serving the families of St. John the Evangelist Catholic School in Loveland, CO. Please visit www.school.saintjohns.net for more information on their wonderful school.

Thank you for your consideration in allowing 1st Choice (A.S.K.) to satisfy your Before and After school care needs. Below are lists of schools we service in the Northern Colorado area.


Liberty Common School—-CharteR . 970-482-9800



St. John the Evangelist Catholic School .   970-635-5830

Loveland Classical Schools--Charter . 970-670-0527

Truscott Elementary Loveland . 970-613-6900

Lincoln Elementary, Loveland . 970-613-6200

Laurene Edmondson Elementary, Loveland . 970-613-6300

Sarah Milner Elementary, Loveland . (Bused from Garfield) . 970-613-6700

Monroe Elementary, Loveland . (Bused from Garfield) . 970-613-6500

Garfield Elementary, Loveland . 970-613-6000 

Carrie Martin Elementary, Loveland . (Bused from Garfield) 970-613-5700


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1st Choice ASK Locations