NOTE: A.S.K. will be doing constant staff screenings to make sure (the best we can) that our staff is healthy and ready to assist your children. If we see signs of sickness (COVID-19) in your household, we will participate in the right of refusal, contact you, and discuss what steps to take next so we can keep our staff and your families safe. 

We understand many parents still have to work while their children are out of school. We are here for you and your needs. Call us today (970-460-0031) to sign up for our

In-Home Childcare Services.  




Daily childcare and tutoring while you work. 
Ages 3 - 15 (Children must be diaper trained)
Rates per hour with a minimum of 5 hours per day:
2 Children = $30
3 Children = $35
4 Children = $40
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​Letter from the Owner
COVID – 19

     1st Choice Before and After School Kare (www.1stchoiceask.com) would like to take a moment to express our awareness of the growing concern surrounding the development of COVID-19. The safety of our families, staff, and business is our top priority. As everyone scrambles for childcare, A.S.K. has your back and ready to provide all-day childcare services. 1st Choice Before and After School Kare is also partnering with the White Glove Cleaning Service company to clean your home to make sure your children and families stay safe from COVID-19. 

    In regards to Childcare, we are excited to announce that we are now adapting to the recent changes by opening our services up to you, in your homes. Our trained, certified staff will take care of your children in the comfort of their homes. Our staff are childcare professionals who are able to watch your children and tutor them if they have to adjust to online classes. We want to help make sure education is still continuing among the recent crisis. We will monitor our staff daily to ensure their health is in top condition before entering your home.  

     In addition to our childcare services, White Glove Cleaning Service (www.cleanedbywhiteglove.com) has partnered with us to provide our A.S.K. families with a bonded and insured cleaning service to sanitize and disinfect your homes. The sanitation of your home will be added security to help with the prevention of the COVID-19 virus.1st Choice A.S.K. and White Glove Cleaning Service wants to make your homes as safe and comfortable as possible for you and your families. 

      Our team has also partnered with Faceshell Facial Company (www.faceshells.com). They are offering 50% off their services, will come to your home, and help alleviate stress for parents so they can best meet the needs of their families. Faseshells is licensed, insured, and will come to your home if needed. If desired, they also have an office headquarter designed for two people to a room that is effectively sanitized, disinfected, and separated from others as we follow the protocol for social distancing.

       Each service (1st Choice Before and After School Kare, White Glove Cleaning Service, and Faceshells) are available on a week to week basis. There are no long-term obligations because we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving impacts of COVID-19 from all angles. Unwaveringly and without question, our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our families and staff. We are fortunate to have strong partnerships with the communities where we operate and we are closely monitoring the statements and following the guidance and recommendations from local, state/provincial and federal health agencies. 

    We understand your need for finding a professionally qualified company to secure your children while you work, maintain a clean home, and stay calm amidst the global crisis. Our business will now come to your home to help you and your families adapt to social distancing. 

​​1st Choice Before and After School Kare (A.S.K.)

Contact Information:

Office: 970-460-0031

Emails: smajor@1stchoiceask.com / wablack@comcast.net


A.S.K. has partnered with White Glove Cleaning Service:


Residential and Commercial Cleaning

$50 Package Deal: When you use A.S.K.'s In-House Childcare Services, we will clean and sanitize your home for only $50.00. Our staff will sanitize and disinfect your homes every two weeks to keep your families as safe as possible from COVID-19. One staff member, up to 4 hours - Two staff members up to 2 hours. 

- Completed Background Checks (TRAINS, FBI, CBI)
- CPR/ 1st Aide Certified
- Medication Application
- Medication Administration
- Universal Precautions
- FEMA (Federal Emergency Training)

Before and After School programs


SIGN UP TODAY! Do you still have to go to work? 1st Choice A.S.K. is NOW prepared to send our qualified staff to your homes to watch and tutor your children while they switch to online classes. We are grateful to be partnering with the local cleaning service (White Glove Cleaning Service) to come to sanitize and disinfect your homes.